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Highly-Anticipated Open-World Sandbox RPG Streets of Rogue 2 Launches Into Steam Early Access August 14

The sequel to 2019’s indie darling embraces chaos and prepares to hit the road.

Streets of Rogue 2, the open-world sandbox adventure from developer Matt Dabrowski in partnership with publisher tinyBuild, opens its chemistry set of carnage on Steam Early Access for PC on August 14 as seen during today’s PC Gaming Show, where the game premiered its latest trailer.

Streets of Rogue 2 – Release Date Trailer (feat. Perturbator)

Soak in the beauty of a lively procedurally generated world with one objective: depose a corrupt president… or just chill in the countryside, no one’s judging! Pursue the coup with total freedom, whether that means: running amok in a chaotic crime spree or roleplaying as a boy scout to help out numerous townsfolk with side quests to unlock sweet rewards.

Live out wild dreams with a jam-packed roster of playable characters, each with distinct talents, like the tech-savvy hacker, agile ninja, or culinary chef. Plot to take over the country by any means necessary, like breaking into facility mainframes, staging a zombie outbreak, hiring a band of crooks, or becoming a farming mogul who can bribe anyone.

Go nuts with destructible environments and an array of weaponry, including, but not limited to, machine guns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, bear traps, and banana peels. Explore hugely different corners of the expansive world, from mysterious caves and neon-lit cities to creepy graveyards and sunlit islands.

Cruise the highways in style with souped-out luxury cars or goof around in high-speed boat races across a wacky, ever-changing world with endless options. Travel through a massive procedurally generated map, always changing with countless surprises – and random threats — around each and every corner.

The Steam Early Access release merely marks the start of the madcap fun: developer Matt Dabrowski and publisher tinyBuild have already committed to multiple exciting updates to maximize the madness in the lead-up to the 1.0 launch.

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