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Highly Customizable Hidden Objects Game “Infinite Seek and Find” Out Now on Steam

The recent release from “Error 300” lets you create your ideal personalized experience with a vast array of difficulty options.

Error300 is happy to announce the release of their new hidden-objects game “Infinite Seek and Find”. In this game, your task is to locate a variety of hidden objects scattered around and on each other with a plethora of unique image sets.

Featuring a cute hand-drawn art style, Infinite Seek and Find is a casual puzzle experience that’s all about giving control to the players and allowing them to create their ideal scenarios. While the game itself is a fairly simple hidden object style game in which you locate a variety of hidden props, the game is really all about making an accessible genre even more accessible.

With this release, Error300 wanted to go beyond the traditional easy, normal and hard difficulties. As a result the game features options to adjust object mirroring, rotation, size, color, while also providing options for adjusting time limits, active targets, how many objects you need to find, lives you have, time penalties, and more.

Experience a vibrant, customizable and accessible hidden-object game all about providing your ideal experience. Welcome to the ultimate hidden object challenge.

Key Features

  • Colorful hand-drawn art style.
  • Tons of difficulty settings.
  • 10 uniquely themed image sets.
  • Unique flashlight mode for seeking in the dark.

Error 300’s newest release “Infinite Seek and Find” is out now on Steam. The game will also be released on Nintendo Switch later this summer.

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