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Hollywood Animal announces its Steam demo debut on May 30th with a short film

Take a glimpse of the darker side of movie-making with this scandalous short.

Derailed destinies, broken hearts, shameless glamor and cutthroat competition. That’s the film industry in Hollywood Animal, an upcoming strategy and management game that puts you at the helm of your own film studio as you steer it through decades of murky choices.

In the free demo version of Hollywood Animal on Steam (launching May 30th), you’ll manage your movie business for the two years spanning 1929 to 1930. Build your fortune through the Great Depression, Prohibition, mafia wars – all while producing your very own adventure film about a hapless knight who’s drawing the line at sharing his beloved with an ancient demon. Isn’t that just wonderful?

What better way to celebrate a game about making movies than releasing one of your own? — Which brings us to “Poor Sheep”, a short but compelling tale set in the world of Hollywood Animal. Ambitious British actor Gregory Pearce (Martin Delaney, Catch-22) has just landed his first starring role as Alexander the Great in a major Hollywood film. That is, until the script is upended by a mysterious and menacing stranger (Sam Douglas, Heavy Rain). It seems Pearce forgot a few of his debts on his long climb to the top.

And bear in mind, everything you see in this short – and much more – can actually happen in the game. Experience the corruption for yourself on May 30th.

The Hollywood Animal Steam page is live now – wishlist today for updates on development and the release date.

Poor Sheep | A ‘Hollywood Animal’ Short Film
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