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Hybrid RTS/RPG Eternal Damnation to launch this July

Conquer, pillage, and determine the fate of the world as Eternal Damnation releases NextFest demo and announces 15th July Early Access release.

SD Games have today announced that their upcoming hybrid real-time strategy RPG, Eternal Damnation, will launch into Steam Early Access on 15 July, with a demo coming to Steam NextFest on June 10. The studio has also released a new teaser trailer for the game.

Eternal Damnation – Release Trailer

Eternal Damnation – the debut title from Nottingham, England-based SD Games – places ultimate power in your hands. Fight back against a dominant evil, or destroy it and take the world for yourself.

Given a choice between death or reincarnation following their untimely demise, players must navigate a vast fantasy world at the behest of an ancient deity. Player agency is paramount in Eternal Damnation, with actions that have genuine, tangible consequences that shape the destiny of the world. Players are invited to experiment and discover what type of a ruler they want to be.

Along the way, as a monstrous human-hybrid with an arsenal of fearsome abilities, players will utilise destructive spells, powerful weapons and unique mutations to give themselves the edge in combat against their foes. An empowering levelling system allows players to hone their craft and establish themselves as a godly overlord.

Open-ended quests and an array of gameplay components – from exploration to combat to dungeon-crawling – mean there is no one way to play Eternal Damnation, while branching stories with multiple endings provide for endless replayability.

Eternal Damnation will hit Steam Early Access on July 15, where it will remain for much of the year while SD Games collate player feedback and build on the original release. But those eager to get their hands on the game can do so even earlier, as an exclusive demo will be launched during Steam NextFest on 10th June.

Eternal Damnation will be participating in Steam Next Fest from June 10 – 17, with the full game launching on PC via Steam Early Access on July 15.

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