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IHAS Game Reveal Announcement

​​​​​​​Iceberg Interactive and Vladyslav Pidiashenko Unveil “IHAS” – A Thrilling Action Puzzler Set in a Dystopian 2099.

Iceberg Interactive and indie developer Vladyslav Pidiashenko of The Difference Studios are thrilled to announce their latest project, IHAS. Set in a dystopian 2099 where alien robots dominate Earth, IHAS plunges players into the role of a memory-wiped cyborg, abducted and forced to navigate through a series of fiendish trials and puzzles.

IHAS – Game Announcement Trailer

IHAS is a narrative-driven Science Fiction FPS that focusses on exploration & puzzles. You awaken in a shadowy, unfamiliar world with no recollection of your past. You are guided by a familiar yet enigmatic voice claiming to be an ally. As you delve deeper into this unknown realm, a nagging sense of hidden truths and deception lingers. Your mission becomes clear: venture through diverse portals, overcome daunting challenges, and uncover the path to freedom. However, onequestion remains: can you trust your senses, or is reality far more sinister?

Key Features of IHAS:

  • Weapon Technology: Travel through new sections of an extraterrestrial vessel, solve puzzles, and destroy enemies using your enhanced weapon.
  • Weapon Modifications: Find special modifications to upgrade your weapon and enhance combat efficiency.
  • Interactive Simulation Control: Navigate menus and control the simulation in the world itself.
  • Embrace your destiny: Your actions will determine your fate and how the story will unfold.
  • Skill Upgrades: Unlock new abilities and enhancements by discovering chips to upgrade your mechanical body.

IHAS is set to arrive on PC this year, 2024, via Steam, Epic, and GOG.

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