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Industry Giant 4.0 took part in the exclusive showcase “Games Made in Germany on Steam”

Publisher Toplitz Productions and Munich-based development studio Don VS Dodo proudly present the first in-game trailer for Industry Giant 4.0, the highly anticipated revival of the legendary Giant brand.

As part of the showcase event for the “Games Made in Germany” sale on Steam, which was broadcasted by IGN, Industry Giant 4.0 opens its doors to fans of business simulations and nostalgics for the first time and provides a sneak peek of the new game design with a familiar flair.

So don’t hesitate, unleash your inner tycoon and follow us into a new age of business simulations, the age of Industry Giant 4.0.

Industry Giant 4.0 | Gameplay Trailer

Industry Giant 4.0 will encompass all the aspects necessary to create and manage a thriving business where utilizing important data will be instrumental in strategic decision-making across the value chain. A keen business mind means looking at all aspects, from the flow of goods to the condition and efficiencies of factories, stores and warehouses. Additionally, players will need to look at ways to enhance productivity, flexibility, innovation, and resource efficiency, and even construct transportation networks, plan production, manage finances, and navigate global events that can impact their bottom line.

Players will shape an industrial empire from the ground up with all of the available tools at their disposal to formulate a successful business. Industry Giant 4.0 aims to offer a comprehensive experience in transportation infrastructure, industrial building, production planning, and financial management.

As a visionary industrial giant or business team, players can confront the daily challenges of a dynamic business as they deal with the complexities of outside influences from seasonal challenges such as weather and random events, to market conditions and financial implications such as taxation and permits.

Industry Giant 4.0 isn’t just a game; it’s a journey into the heart of industrial strategy. From supply chain finesse to global market domination, players will craft their legacy in the ever-evolving landscape of commerce.

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