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Ingression Launches May 3rd with Unparalleled Portal Gameplay

Espale Studios and Ravenage are thrilled to unveil the official release date of Ingression, a mesmerizing precision platformer that challenges players to navigate through time-defying puzzles and dynamic environments. The game is set to launch on May 3rd, providing an unforgettable experience filled with mind-bending levels and seamless portal mechanics.

Ingression invites you into the shoes of Rina, a cunning thief entrenched in the corrupt Galactic Empire of the year 2442. Your mission: journey into the future to rewrite the past and avert a cataclysmic time paradox.

Ingression – Date Reveal Trailer

Game Features:

  • Seamless Portals – Master the art of precision platforming with seamless portals that redefine speed and strategy.
  • Survive Deadly Threats – Evade a relentless array of deadly adversaries, from brain-targeting laser grids to agile pursuit drones as well as old reliable treacherous spikes.
  • Beat the competition in Trial Mode – Test your mettle in the Trial mode, featuring a singular lengthy level crafted to push your platforming prowess to its limit.
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