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Innovative Steampunk Fantasy Deck-Builder Mechjestic Announced for PC on Steam

Build Your Deck and Craft your Mech in the Dynamic Retro-Futuristic Setting.

Independent developer Skinny Bandit today unveiled their new and captivating steampunk-inspired deck-building card RPG, Mechjestic. With a scheduled release on Steam for PC in 2025, Mechjestic promises to immerse players in a retro-futuristic world of intrigue and strategy.

Coinciding with the Steam Deckbuilder Festival, Skinny Bandit Studios has released a teaser trailer, offering a glimpse into the dynamic steampunk universe of Mechjestic.

In Mechjestic, players immerse themselves in a society where survival is contingent upon mastering mechanized behemoths. Engage in intense card battles, sacrificing strategically to gain crucial resources and empower actions. Traversing a hexagon-based overworld, players evolve their deck and mech after each encounter, ensuring they remain formidable against adversaries.

Mechjestic introduces innovative gameplay mechanics, including Mech building and the Refuel system, offering players unparalleled freedom to shape their strategies and adapt to challenges. With diverse paths to victory, Mechjestic encourages players to explore and refine their preferred playstyles.

Join Frolein, princess of the Kingdom of Endless Pond, as she embarks on an epic journey to thwart the plans of TimeKeeper and Dr. Chronos to plunder time itself. Alongside her trusty Mech, Iron Tadpole, players encounter diverse heroes, each contributing unique Mech parts to enhance their decks and bolster their arsenal.

Unique Features

  • Visual Mech Building: Customize Mech appearance and attributes using Equipment cards, with special bonuses for complete sets.
  • Refuel Mechanic: Manage Fuel to play cards or upgrade Engines, offering flexible deck structure and gameplay.
  • Dedicated Engines: Discover and upgrade Engines with unique abilities to tailor strategy.
  • Endless Mode: Unlock a dynamic, ever-changing adventure after the main campaign, with new challenges and treasures on each floor.
  • Overworld Mechanics: Strategically navigate a puzzle-style Overworld with ‘fog of war’, requiring careful planning and exploration.
Mechjestic Teaser
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