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Into the Emberlands Launches Demo and Announces Early Access Release Date With New Trailer

Make your first steps into the Emberlands with the all-new demo, then start your grand journey on June 19th, 2024!

During the Wholesome Direct that took place this weekend, publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Tiny Roar announced the official Steam Early Access release date for their enchanting cozy game Into the Emberlands with a new trailer. The game will launch in Steam Early Access June 19th, 2024, and players who are eager to venture into the Miasma early can try out the new demo now on Steam.

Into the Emberlands – Early Access Release Date Trailer

About Into the Emberlands

You are the Lightbearer. Take your trusty lantern and set out into the Emberlands to rescue the Knacks who lost their way in the wilds. Collect resources on your explorations and lead the Knacks back to their village. Use your resources and the new inhabitants to rebuild the village and expand it from a few shacks to a safe haven! But be aware: If your lantern’s light fades while you’re out exploring, you will become a lost one yourself, and the next Lightbearer will need to step into your shoes…

Set out to discover beautiful procedurally generated biomes while looking for lost ones, and meet quirky inhabitants on your way, from lazy trolls and crazy scientists, to…chickens?! They all offer their own quests and bargains to you. While some may seem rather dubious, they all promise unique rewards, from resources and tools to upgrades to your equipment. Choose which offers you are willing to take—it’s all up to you!


  • Explore an ever-sprawling world full of small adventures and big surprises.
  • Traverse various biomes in a procedurally generated world with endless replayability.
  • Keep an eye out for the Knacks who lost their way in the Miasma and guide them safely home to the light of your village.
  • Support the various inhabitants of the Emberlands, and they’ll aid your journey with resources and valuable upgrades to your equipment!
  • Rebuild and expand your village into a thriving safe haven for your people!
  • Lay the foundation for future adventures, as each new building and vendor will give you a head start on your next quest.

Into the Emberlands evolved from Tiny Roar’s former project Wanderful. Thanks to Tiny Roar’s open and iterative development approach, the game advanced far from the initial concept. This led to the decision to give the project a new name that suits the game better.

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