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Introducing “Tarnished Blood” – an upcoming turn-based roguelite RPG featuring an innovative, time-bending battle mechanic!

Embark into the harsh realm beneath the dome and aid fellow survivors in facing the colossal, bloodthirsty beasts that wander this cursed world. Juggler Games, the creator of My Memory of Us and now Tarnished Blood, joined by publisher Nakayama Games and Galaktus, is to make its debut on Steam later this year! The demo version will be part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest.

Tarnished Blood Gamescom 2023 Trailer

Flee from the fury of the Old Ones or succumb to their madness. Employ innovative mechanics to your benefit, execute impressive combos, and dodge deadly assaults from the dangers that lurk in the unorthodox environment. Players will be able to take advantage and bend the timeline to devise complete attacks as they charge forward or reflect lethal attacks. Turn back time, note past mistakes, recognize actions and alter the future to gain the upper hand. In this universe, anything is possible with a time-turner.

Assemble a team of up to four warriors and strategically equip them for the incoming apocalypse as they stand shoulder to shoulder through thick and thin. Navigate through uncharted territories, salvaging resources from fallen foes. Upon returning to the village, craft new items, unlock skill sets, and fortify defenses using the amassed resources, all in harmony with your strategic approach.

Make cautious decisions during missions and approach each event with caution, as each one can turn from a walk in the park to a one-way ticket to hell. Petrification, shattered jaws, and enduring trauma are merely a glimpse of the challenges awaiting in every play through, leaving a lasting impact on the protagonist as they claw their way through the dome. Slay the curious and grim-looking creatures of the forsaken realm before getting devoured. Choose a tribe, each characterized by unique abilities and play styles, that will be most complementary to the chosen warrior. Remember, in this world, every action holds consequences, and every formidable deed strengthens current and future hunters.

Prepare for an immersive experience as Tarnished Blood keeps players on edge with its dark creations and formidable missions. Explore it on Steam and check out its demo during Steam’s Next Fest between February 5th and 12th. Anticipating its imminent release, add it to your wishlist and stay tuned, with the exact date set to be announced soon!

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