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Join The Spell Brigade at Steam Next Fest

Team up with your wizard friends to slay hordes of dark creatures!

Bolt Blaster Games are happy to announce the release of their first demo for The Spell Brigade. Starting June 10th until the 17th, players can complete firsthand the team-based objectives, unlock new upgrades and create overpowered spell synergies at Steam Next Fest. Friend nor foe is safe in this friendly fire bullet hell!

The Spell Brigade is an online co-op survivors-like for 1-4 players. With the added twist of friendly fire, you will need to keep an eye on your friends as on your foes. Watch out, you might not know what hit you!

Key Features:

  • Survivors-like Gameplay with Multiplayer Madness: Enjoy the thrill of fighting thousands of weird monsters together. Complete missions and upgrade spells as a team. Survive together!
  • Team-Based Combat: Assemble your Brigade and traverse the mystical warpath together. Experience the benefits of fighting as a team, even if it means occasionally stepping on each other’s toes. Fear not, as even the most unfortunate deaths can be remedied through the power of sorcery and friendship.
  • Dynamic Spell System: Find, upgrade, and combine your spells with powerful elements. The game ensures that no two builds are ever the same, and with multiple wizards in your squad, the potential for pure, unhinged chaos is endless!
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