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JSAUX 8-Port RGB Docking Station

JSAUX is an electronics accessories supplier delivering power, data transit, audio/video connectivity and productivity solutions to the market. They are a leading electronics supplier offering cutting-edge accessories to make the most of all your devices. They cover the latest-gen handheld consoles, smartphones and tablets, and personal computers. JSAUX sell their products worldwide in more than a hundred countries and had over ten million unique customers since 2016. They were also listed in the 2019 Amazon Global Selling Top 100 Chinese cross-border brands, while their products connected over two billion smart devices around the world.

In this article I am writing about their 8-Port RGB Docking Station, product model HB0801S, which is available through their website for $79,99 USD. It has eight functional ports, including one HDMI port that is ready for displaying 4K resolution @ 120Hz (backward compatible with 2K @ 240Hz), two USB C 3.0 ports, one Gigabit Ethernet port, two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, and a USB C PD port for powering it through an adapter. The charging port supports 100W maximum power input, which can quickly charge your gadgets, including the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, which I used for testing the unit. The HDMI port supports Ultra 4K output and dual screen display, so it is perfect for mirroring your handheld’s screen to a TV, monitor, or even a projector, should you own one. This RGB Docking Station is compatible with plenty of devices – Steam Deck, ROG Ally, ONE PLAYER, AYN Odin, AYANEO, Razer Edge, Logitech G Cloud, and even iPads and various mobile phones. However, it is not compatible with Nintendo’s Switch, so buyer beware. The package only includes the Docking Station and a USB C to USB C cable, without a power adapter, which you will have to provide yourself. Oh, and the station is only compatible with a bare ROG Ally, so I had to strip the Killswitch case off it.

The size of HB0801S is 150 × 92 × 31 millimetres and it weights approximately 150 grams. It comes with a few gaming features, which are automatic low latency mode, variable refresh rate, quick time transport, and high dynamic range. It is also recommended that you use a 100W charger to fully experience ROG Ally’s high-performance 30W mode, since you will not need to save on battery life when using it docked anyway. The Docking Station comes in a transparent black colour only, but it looks great with the ROG Ally, even though the latter is white. It is also well built for a relatively low price you are paying for it, and has plenty of features you can connect to it, as well.

JSAUX’s 8-Port RGB Docking Station, model HB0801S, is all you could ask for, when you want to mirror your handheld’s screen to a large TV or monitor. It has a neat design and is powered by RGB lights to perfectly match your RGB keyboard and mouse, if you own those, and it is equipped by three USB ports to use all of the shenanigans you want to. They also sell a 12-in-1 RGB Docking Station, which also includes an SD card slot, a TF card slot, and a 3.5mm audio interface, if you would prefer that one, but it will cost you thirty bucks more.