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Kingdoms and Castles Launches March 21st on PlayStation

Spanish indie game publisher BlitWorks Games announces the release of Kingdoms and Castles (Lion Shield Studios) for PlayStation 4 and 5, coming March 21st after its release on Xbox during the ID Xbox Demo Fest.

Create your medieval kingdom from scratch on a cozy, bucolic island with a beautiful low poly aesthetic in this city builder RTS, simulation game with resource management.

Main features

  • Design the city. Strategically plan your city to increase the happiness of your villagers and attract new residents. Offering more than 80 different buildings: accommodations, public services, military facilities, defense buildings, crops…
  • Manage resources. Decide how you invest the different supplies (wood, iron, stone, iron, coal, food and money) and make sure you are producing enough to keep growing. Command your citizens to work, harvest or build.
  • Take care of your citizens. Make sure they are happy and lacking for nothing, or they will leave the kingdom! Carefully applying the taxes, managing food reserves throughout the year, offering hospitals, libraries or baths will make them stay by your side for generations.
  • Fortify and defend. Ruling a kingdom is not easy… vikings, dragons, wolves and ogres will attack your city and villagers every so often, so make sure you build enough defense towers and walls protecting key sites on the map! Having an army is not a bad idea, either…
  • Set in a living world that offers change of seasons that influences harvests, herds of animals and growing forests. You can add CPU-controlled kingdoms to the same map to forge alliances or become enemies with!

Simple gameplay

Focused on having fun, Kingdoms and Castles gameplay offers a calmed experience thanks to simplified mechanics and a cozy aesthetic and soundtrack. You can pause the game anytime you need to study the situation and decide your next move.

Away from complex mechanics of its genre-mates, the title has quick to understand systems and simple and legible menus. The needs are implemented as you progress, allowing you to realize little by little how to improve your management.

Still… that does not mean it can not be a challenge!

Kingdoms and Castles | Official Trailer | Tale Version | PlayStation 4 & 5 Launch!
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