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Kwalee announces Hordes of Hunger, a fast-paced 3D Action Survivorslike set in a medieval realm of dark folklore

Leading UK games publisher Kwalee and Polish independent developer Hyperstrange, are pleased to announce a publishing partnership for upcoming 3D action survivorslike, hack and slash game, Hordes of Hunger. The game is developed by Polish developer, Hyperstrange and brings hack-and-slash features, high production values, and an evolving narrative to the wildly popular Survivorslike genre.

Hordes of Hunger l Announcement Trailer

About Hordes of Hunger:

Hordes of Hunger is a roguelite arena-slasher where you’ll fight for survival against ever-intensifying waves of monsters. Create your loadout from a range of weapons and special attacks, then gain new abilities in each run to fine-tune your build. Complete quests and rescue others from the onslaught to gain resources and uncover the mysterious origins of the evil you face.

Take up Arms
Craft your own unique build with a range of weapons and special attacks, from a nimble swordfighter to a heavy hammer-wielder. From the castle keep to the desolate remains of your village, fight smart and use the environment to your advantage with choke points, high ground, and breakable structures.

Overcome the Horde
The monsters are unrelenting, but so are you. Gain destructive and defensive abilities with each level-up to become a finely tuned force to be reckoned with. Strike down swarms with sword aflame, call down lightning as you land, and defy death with divine contracts.

Uncover the Truth
A father racked with guilt. A prisoner who shuns freedom. A mother covered in blood. Mirah may be the only one who can save her home, but she’s not alone. Complete missions in each run to save others from the invasion and discover the true nature of the curse that plagues Mirah’s homeland.


  • Survive against hundreds of monsters hungry for your flesh.
  • Fight across multiple 3D levels, each with unique quests and enemy types.
  • Obtain and upgrade dozens of skills in each run.
  • Customise your loadout with different weapons, special attacks, and stat increases.
  • Experience a fully voiced story that develops within and between runs.
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