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Let Discovery Guide Your Quill in Vellum, Arriving March 28th

Step into the world of fantastical fables as you become a legendary Scribe. With over 300 Pages of Power, the Scribes must empower their inky spells to repel the dark presence known as the Torn. Scribes will utilize the Power of the Font to craft their own upgrade path through a variety of playstyles. Journey through tomes while making key decisions that will affect not only you and your team’s powers, but the strength of the Torn as well. Endless possibilities await you on your adventure into the library of Vellum.

Adventure is better with friends! Vellum supports seamless online cooperative play for up to four Scribes. Your curiosity and experimentation will be rewarded as you explore different builds as a team. Scribes have the unique ability to alter the power of the enemy Torn and drastically change the landscape of battle. Thinking strategically will be key for writing a story that ends in victory.

Vellum will be launching into Early Access on Steam on March 28th. Scribes ready to begin their adventure can wishlist Vellum on Steam and check out the playable demo during Steam Next Fest.

Key Features:

  • Swift Tales: Approachable, under 30-minute roguelike runs crafted for quick gameplay sessions for 1-4 players.
  • Scrolls of Power: Tear through enemies with over 300 powers for you and your team. All powers can be build-makers, no filler.
  • Torn Pages: With over 100 upgrades and enemy effects to choose from, only you will decide how your foes evolve throughout the course of battle.
  • The Font: Invoke unique Tome-themed powers as a team through the mystical Ink Font in combination with your individual builds.
  • Fabled Scribes: Take ink to paper and infuse your Scribe with colorful ultimate and signature powers, creating over 70 loadout combinations.
  • Brutal Bindings: Increase your challenge by affixing bindings to your Tomes. Greater challenge brings greater rewards!
  • Reference Section: All the high-quality literature puns you could ever desire.
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