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Let the Gods Feel Your Wrath in Survivors-like Roguelite Asgard’s Fall

Cut through enemies in the pixel-based Norse survivors-like roguelite prologue beginning on January 27th.

Assemble Entertainment and Soulpotion are excited to invite players to unfold their saga and unleash relentless wrath in survivors-like roguelite Asgard’s Fall. Players with their swords sharpened, ready to slice through hordes of enemies, can try out the game’s free prologue Asgard’s Fall: Origins beginning on January 27th. Check out what awaits in the action-packed journey of Asgard’s Fall in the new trailer below!

Asgard’s Fall | Announcement Trailer

Embark on an epic saga in Asgard’s Fall, a pixel-art survivors-like roguelite that’ll have you slinging abilities, unleashing strategic buffs, and swiftly and mercilessly cutting through hordes of creatures. Master the art of combat with the game’s dynamic ability system. Choose from a diverse array of skills, from attacks, buffs, and unique powers to suit your playstyle and conquer the Nine Realms.

While players are ruthlessly slicing through enemies carving out their place in Asgard, they’ll also carve their destiny by increasing their power with the game’s Rune Carving system and skill tree. Through controlling the magic of ancient runes, players will be able to enhance their character’s power. The game’s intricate skill tree also puts in-depth customization of their character’s playstyle in the hands of players. Unlock diverse abilities and enhance strengths to adapt to the game’s ever-changing challenges.


  • Let the Gods Feel Your Wrath: Fight your way through hordes of enemies in arena shooter roguelike gameplay.
  • Carve Your Fate: Control the magic of ancient runes with the game’s Rune Carving System. Craft your destiny by engraving powerful runes onto relics, enhancing your power on your way to conquer Asgard.
  • Forge Your Warrior’s Destiny: Master the art of combat with the dynamic Ability System. Choose from a diverse array of skills, each tailored to your playstyle. Unleash devastating attacks, strategic buffs, and unique powers to conquer the Nine Realms.
  • Shape Your Saga: Shape your warrior’s evolution with the intricate Skill Tree. Customize your playstyle by unlocking diverse abilities, enhancing strengths, and adapting to challenges. Every choice influences your saga’s outcome.

Players can wishlist Asgard’s Fall on Steam now and can look forward to the Norse survivors-like roguelite arriving this Fall. Players looking to start their epic saga and invade Asgard can play the free prologue beginning on January 27th.

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