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Lethal Company Meets Subnautica in Murky Divers, Coming June 19th

Pilot subs and explore dangerous wrecks to hide the evidence of shady experiments in new co-op comedy-horror.

Embers and OrO Interactive today unveiled their brand new title Murky Divers, along with the news that the game will be releasing on June 19th. Murky Divers is a co-op comedy horror where Lethal Company meets Subnautica as you and your team work together to explore dangerous abandoned wrecks and destroy evidence of the shady experiments your lab has been undertaking.

In Murky Divers, you and your team coordinate and pilot a “blind” sub to reach a new wreck, relying on sonar to navigate. From legal dangers like the police, to existential ones like krakens, there are plenty of hazards for you to watch out for and avoid. On the sub, you can spend credits earned on previous wrecks to buy items and modules that give you a better chance of success on your next expedition.

Once you reach a wreck, it’s time to disembark and dive into these underwater death traps filled with dangerous creatures eager to make you their next meal. Your goal is to find and extract dead bodies, or parts of them, that serve as evidence of your lab’s unethical experiments, take them back to your sub and shred them to destroy the evidence.

Murky Divers – Official Reveal Trailer
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