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“Let’s Go Hunt Some Kids” – some ultra-rich, Mars living douchebag

From creators of Golf Club: Nostalgia and Netflix’s Highwater. The Cub continues the stories told in the same universe where the ultra-rich fled to Mars only to come back later for a bit of golf and human hunting.

Demagog Studio and Untold Tales have released The Cub on PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch.

Demagog Studio is a Serbian and Tokyo-based collective behind the poignant yet zen post-apocalyptic Golf Club: Nostalgia and the whimsical, flooded-Earth explorer Highwater, which got picked up by Netflix.


In The Cub, the team returns to the same neon-lit, satirical, dystopian, ruined Earth just after the events of Golf Club: Nostalgia, only now through an entirely different genre. Continue the saga in this Jungle Book-meets-armageddon fusion as you platform parkour through the remains of humanity as an evolved child being hunted by the ultra-rich, who decades ago fled to Mars, but have now returned and set their sights on you.

As was the calling card of Golf Club: Nostalgia, the smooth-voiced radio host of Radio Nostalgia will make a return. A collection of stories, Mars living announcements, and apocalypse-wave tunes all custom-written for the game will keep you company throughout the journey.

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