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Magic Fuel Games Unveils City-Survival Builder with Shipwrecked: Lost Colony

Magic Fuel Games is thrilled to announce “Shipwrecked: Lost Colony”, coming to Steam in 2025. Shipwrecked: Lost Colony is an 18th Century city-survival builder set on a tropical isle lost to time. Players will lead a group of marooned survivors and forge a new beginning in an uncharted land, where dinosaurs are the biggest threat and your strongest allies.

Shipwrecked: Lost Colony Teaser

Magic Fuel Games is dedicated to delivering compelling and high quality gaming experiences, like the 2023 Apple Arcade Game of the Year finalist, Cityscapes: Sim Builder. Shipwrecked: Lost Colony brings the team back to their PC and console roots and is a testament to their commitment to innovation and player engagement.

Shipwrecked: Lost Colony is scheduled for release on Steam in 2025.

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