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Magic Pong Fight Club “The Amazing Crackpots Club!” Is Going to Participate in Steam Next Fest: February 2024

Astrobard Games along with Iguanabee have announced The Amazing Crackpots Club! is going to participate in the Steam Next Fest: February 2024!

The Amazing Crackpots Club! is a fast-paced, action-packed magic duel in a 2D arena, where wizards throw powerful spells trying to destroy the opponent’s giant potion flask, while using their magic to protect their own flask from incoming attacks.

Demo Content

  • 3 Beautiful Stages.
  • 3 Full animated Characters.
  • Remote Play Support.
  • Dedicated support for keyboard and Xbox Controller.
  • Play the first Chapter of the Game Campaign.

Launch Content

  • Multiple stages and special environments.
  • Online, Custom and Local game modes for up to 4 players.
  • 7 lovingly-animated characters with unique spells, abilities and play style.
  • A unique story mode where you can truly meet each member of the club!
  • Dedicated support for keyboard and other controls.
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