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Magic vs. Machines: New Arc Line Puts You in the Center of a Gilded Age War With New Story Trailer

Single-player RPG New Arc Line coming to PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in 2024.

Fulqrum Publishing and Dreamate Games have today released a new, heart-wrenching story trailer for single-player, story-rich RPG, New Arc Line, coming to PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in 2024.

Set in a world teetering on the precipice of change, New Arc Line invites players to explore the opulent yet troubled realm where magic and technology collide. This new trailer offers a glimpse of the stunning world Dreamate Games has crafted where towering clockwork contraptions stand alongside fantastical creatures, and the opulent cityscape of the New World contrasts with the grimy underbelly where the less fortunate struggle to survive and are often taken advantage of in the most gruesome ways.

New Arc Line | Story Trailer

In New Arc Line, the New World awaits, the last beacon of hope for a potential cure for the player’s fatal family illness. But is it a haven or a mirage? Beneath the gilded urface, tensions simmer. Arcane magic clashes with steampunk ingenuity, the wealthy exploit the impoverished, and prejudice festers between humans and monstrous beings. As a stranger in this volatile land, players are thrust into the heart of the conflict. Their choices will not only shape their own fate, but also the future of this fractured world.

Will the player side with the established powers, or champion the downtrodden? Will they embrace the arcane arts, or harness the power of technology? In this vast RPG every choice carries weight, leading to a multitude of branching storylines and impactful consequences.

Gameplay features:

  • Become the Hero or Villain you want to be
    Create your own character as a Human, Elf, Dwarf or Giant, choose their gender, background and appearance. Keep in mind that inhabitants of this world might have their own prejudices and will treat you differently depending on your choices.
  • Gather your Party
    You won’t be alone on these shores. Meet and recruit a diverse cast of characters, learn their stories, face their demons together and help them grow, or use them for your own gain and discard them as fits your schemes. Who knows, maybe you will even find your true love!
  • Master Technology or Magic
    Evolve your character as you see fit using a detailed progression system with 6 character classes and 12 subclasses. Will you master the secrets of Magic to incinerate enemies as a Hellfire occultist, curse them with mystical Voodoo abilities, or assist your allies as a Celestial sage? Or will you rather cast aside the obsolete ways and become a Steampunk mechanic, Dieselpunk engineer or Teslapunk scientist, and turn your character into a walking steam-powered fortress?
  • Fight for your Right
    Command your party in turn-based tactical battles. Fight head-on and brute-force your way through encounters or observe and analyze each situation and come up with cunning strategies to conquer even seemingly overwhelming odds. There’s a plethora of skills, spells, crafting recipes and consumables at your disposal to turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  • Manifest Your Destiny
    Make a name for yourself, influence many lives for better or worse, and watch the consequences of your choices change the fate of this world!

New Arc Line will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2024.

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