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Masala Games Announces Detective Dotson for PC, a beautifully animated mystery detective game set in India

Independent game developer Masala Games has announced its debut PC title Detective Dotson for PC on Steam. Detective Dotson is a mystery adventure game set in a stylised rendition of modern-day India that puts players in the role of Dotson, a reluctant detective. Founded by a former EA and Pixar alum, Shalin Shodhan, Masala Games aims to develop one-of-a-kind animated games that deliver rich and beautiful gameplay through simple experiences. A demo is available on Steam today.

The Detective Dotson demo has players solving the mysterious death of Detective Dotson’s father. You’ll chase down criminals, hunt for clues, create disguises, spy on foes, and recruit team members. While the demo has a slice of what to expect, the full release contains more episodes and is slated for release later this year.

Developed in Unity, the game features controller support, an original OST made in collaboration with Indian Ocean’s Nikhil Rao, and would be accessible on a wide range of PCs thanks to relatively low system requirements.

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