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Meow Moments: Celebrating Together – Because Every Moment is a Celebration!

Get ready for the ultimate feline celebration as “Meow Moments: Celebrating Together” was launched on Steam this January 22nd. Developed by Mens Sana Interactive, this family-friendly game transports players to Rio’s Copacabana beach during the lively Réveillon for an unforgettable celebration.


  • Feline Fiesta: Join our party-loving feline friends in amusing festivities on Rio’s Vibrant Beach. Captivating illustrations by Katia Numakura bring to life the essence of Rio, with crowds of cats and friends celebrating together.
  • Exciting Features: Search for the suggested charming cats and beloved friends, engage in balloon-popping fun (is as relaxing and satisfying as popping bubble wrap!), and immerse yourself in rich, detailed scenes with a festive soundtrack . A pleasing free-to-play experience.
  • A celebration beyond Rio: Meow Moments will offer more celebration scenes as DLCs to be released over time, with the upcoming Valentine’s Day theme. And who knows what else will come?
  • Creative Community: Dive into the Creative Maker, with a user-friendly editor to craft personalized scenes, populating them with an array of characters, objects, and lively balloons, mixing elements from all the scenes you own. Share your genius with the Creative Community. And explore Scenes created by other players. You can play scenes including elements from all the scenes you own.
  • Relax with the New Year Activity Book DLC: Unwind with a printable New Year Activity Book PDF, including pages to color, spot-the-differences, and a bonus memory game to be played in the main game. Purchasing this will greatly support the studio to keep creating more content and more games.

Release Date and Availability:

“Meow Moments: Celebrating Together” was released January 22nd, 2024 on Steam.

Meow Moments Celebrating Together (Trailer)
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