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Midnight Cupcakes Released the First Demo of Tokyo Waning Moon on Steam

Midnight Cupcakes, an indie game developer from Japan, is thrilled to announce the release of the first demo for Tokyo Waning Moon, now available on Steam.

Tokyo Waning Moon Trailer

Tokyo Waning Moon is a 2D action game that can be enjoyed with just two buttons, right and left. The protagonist, Hibana, battles hordes of zombies in a fictional Tokyo. As you successfully continue to attack, the speed of the enemies increases, leading to high-speed battles. With Power-Ups, you can enhance Hibana’s abilities or customize parameters to your liking. The game is compatible with mouse, keyboard, and gamepad, and its operation has been confirmed on the Steam Deck.

The demo version allows players to enjoy the following features:

  • Gameplay up to the mid-boss “Crazy Truck”.
  • Power-Up of certain parameters by using collected coins.
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