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Mighty Yell Reveals Expressive Dance Battle Adventure All Systems Dance

Connect moves, express yourself, and feel the music in this upcoming non-violent battle game from the makers of THE BIG CON.

Mighty Yell, the Toronto-based developer behind the 90s-inspired adventure game THE BIG CON, is excited to announce All Systems Dance. This all-new expressive dance battle adventure premieres its first trailer today at GLITCH’s Future of Play Direct 2024 during Summer Game Fest.

In All Systems Dance, automation is not the answer. Dance is the key to disruption! Help liberate fellow citizens of a consumption-obsessed, corporate dystopia. Use the expressive joy of movement to free yourself as you dance off against robots in a tech-driven smart city. Feel the music, express yourself, and Join The Movement in this comical and heartwarming adventure where the revolution will not be choreographed.

All Systems Dance – REVEAL Teaser from Mighty Yell Studios

Key Features

  • Feel like you’re dancing! – Player-guided expression and animation feels like you’re dancing through the world.
  • Dance is the answer! – Dance is both non-violent combat and a means for exploration. The more you dance, the more you experience.
  • Real problems, approachable fun! – Real problems of automation, body dysmorphia, and unregulated greed told through accessible, heartfelt, and funny storytelling.

Wishlist All Systems Dance on Steam.

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