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Minds Beneath Us Releases on Steam this July 31

Discover a Point and Click Dystopian Sci-fi Thriller Where your Choices Matter.

Indie developer Bearbone Studio is excited to announce that Minds Beneath Us will release on PC via Steam this July 31. Embark on a thrilling Sci-Fi journey in which you live in a futuristic Asian city where the society is fully automated by advanced AI. Your mind is ensnared within a foreign body, accompanied by its original owner’s subconscious. In a world where your choices matter, together you will face impending challenges and confront an uncertain destiny.

Minds Beneath Us Released Date Trailer – On Steam this 31 July

Minds Beneath Us is a point and click thriller about a guy and a data ghost who lives in his head and controls his body.

In a society that has become fully automated with AI. A new industry has emerged that replaces the hardware needed to operate the Internet with linked human brains. As a result, the most disadvantaged of citizens have had no choice but to put in their bid to sign up, one after another. Against the stage of this mad society, a mysterious conspiracy gradually unveils. Do you dare to deep dive into what is really going on?

Key Features

  • Players can constantly make their own dialogue choices, and shape the relationship between characters. The combination of dialogue choices and actions will constantly affect the story.
  • Observe environments, pay attention to each dialogue then look for hidden clues in every scene. Unlock new dialogue choices.
  • With hand-drawn animation and smooth camera movement, we create a unique cinematic experience.
  • Combine 2D characters and detailed 3D environments, present the near future Taipei street.
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