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Misc Games Announces Immersive Fishing and Boating Sim ‘Ships at Sea’, Coming to Early Access in May 2024

Traverse the Unforgiving Norwegian Sea in a Variety of Licensed Boats.

Misc Games – the skilled team behind the successful titles Fishing: Barents Sea and Fishing: North Atlantic – are excited to announce that its new title, Ships at Sea, will be launching in Early Access on May 9 on Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Games store. Additionally, the PC version of Ships at Sea will be finalized and launched alongside the console versions, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, in 2026.

Ships at Sea is the culmination of creativity, drive, and innovation. Misc Games’ team of passionate industry professionals has taken the charm of the previous Fishing franchise and the feedback of their equally passionate community and created an all-new franchise, starting with this game.

Set in the unforgiving Norwegian Sea and around the harbors of Lofoten, Norway, Ships at Sea takes captains on their most realistic boating experience yet. Misc Games has harnessed NVIDIA’s proprietary WaveWorks water shader and Unreal Engine 5 to deliver the most striking, immersive experiences and cinematic-quality water simulation imaginable. Now, with multiplayer capabilities, players can team up in a maximum party of four and complete various tasks and necessities.

Ships At Sea – Official Gameplay Trailer – 4K

Misc Games has teamed up with various boating and fishing equipment brands such as Breeze, PingMe (from Ocean Space Acoustics), Lorentzen Hydraulikk, and Østbornholms Kutterservice to provide the most realistic, dynamic overall experience for enthusiasts on both fronts: fishing and boating.

As soon-to-be skippers traverse the vast unknown of the Norwegian Sea, they will embark on a voyage through the world of ships with up to 4 friends. Players can expect a slew of features to become available through the Early Access phase of the game, such as crewmates being able to share resources and items and stock up on essential supplies for themselves and their crew. Cast your line and maintain the boats, purchase tools or equipment in the store, upgrade ships, and refuel ships at one of the fuel stations.

Through a series of skill levels, players can build and improve their abilities. Skippers on cargo ships can use their skills to deliver goods and materials. For those who want to enhance their engineering skills, a career on service ships provides the ideal opportunity to gain experience in performing repairs and mechanical work. For those with angling on their mind, the commercial fishing career is an exciting route that teaches various fishing techniques, resource management strategies, and catch distribution tactics. Players can also take on all three careers if they’re up to the task since Ships at Sea doesn’t lock players into one career path.

Ships at Sea is a unique and ultimate simulation game for maritime enthusiasts. With stunning graphics, new gameplay features, and a multiplayer mode, players can experience the thrill of the high seas like never before.

Key Features of Ships at Sea:

  • Play With Your Friends: Multiplayer will be available in Ships at Sea. Team up in a maximum party of four and set sail!
  • More Than Just Fishing: Encounter stunning graphics and captivating gameplay tailored for various types of boats, such as cargo, service operator, and commercial fishing.
  • Life on the Water: Experience an even more realistic sailing adventure with our brand-new ocean simulation and physically-based-buoyancy system.
  • Wide Range of Conditions: Introducing a dynamic weather system that creates a highly immersive and realistic atmosphere.
  • Highly Customizable: Customize your character and boat as much as you want. Enter the shipyard to upgrade, rig, or maintain your boat.

Ships at Sea will be available in Early Access for Windows PC on May 9, 2024. To Wishlist for Early Access, click the link here.

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