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Mustache in Hell

Mustache in Hell represents a trip to hell with hordes of enemies that stand against you in insane combat encounters. The game was already available via Steam back in the year 2016, but it just recently got released for the PlayStation 4 console. It was developed by IdunaSoft, and published by QUByte Interactive on the 8th of February 2024.


In Mustache in Hell you play as Officer John Mustache who one morning woke up in a strange place. You quickly find out that you are up next on the Grim Reaper’s list, but just today, it can give you your life back. In return, you will have to retrieve some cubes for it, so it will be able to deliver packages. You are bound to go up the stairs and enter the Gates of Hell, and that is where the fun begins. You meet a refugee from the underworld that teaches you basic stuff, like how to dash, and that is literally it. You do learn the ropes as the game continues, though. Some enemies appear, so you quickly start shooting and throwing grenades at them. Your main weapon is a pistol, but you can also pick up a shotgun or an SMG with limited bullets – then you are back to the basic pistol. There are also mines you can pick up and a bunch of keys to unlock plenty of doors in this weird underground place. Besides Gates of Hell, there are four more rooms in which you need to defeat the final boss and retrieve a cube. Those rooms are named Fall of the Guilty, The Tombs, Styx Water, and Pandemonium. The gameplay is the same in all of them, and it is quite boring, except for the mini bosses that you have to defeat as well. Oh, and you have five lives for each of the rooms, so it is not too difficult completing them, once you get a hang of it.

Mustache in Hell’s graphics are pretty simple (well, except for the protagonist’s moustaches) and are represented with plain and boring walls, some vases, and that is about it. Maybe I am being too harsh and that is exactly how Hell looks like, but the game is definitely not getting any bonus points for that. Sounds in the game are not over the top either, but what is truly unforgivable is the trophy difficulty. I wish you plenty of luck achieving that Platinum, but I am not going to even try and lose precious hours of my life. I am totally serious – they are hard as tits.

Mustache in Hell might be fun for a single play-through, but after that, I do not see another reason for starting it up again. Its gameplay is simple, its graphics are boring, but you do get some satisfaction out of beating those bosses. Get it, if you have not beaten it already on PC, like eight years ago.


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