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MythicOwl’s upcoming cozy strategy citybuilder gets a new demo for Steam Next Fest 2024!

MythicOwl, developer and publisher behind award-winning indie games such as Hexologic and Harmony’s Odyssey, announced that their upcoming tile based strategy citybuilder with thinky vibes – Planetiles – will get an updated demo v3.0 for Steam Next Fest.

Planetiles is a cozy space strategy citybuilder about creating & evolving natural habitats on remote planets, completing challenging missions and facing adversity such as cataclysms and random events. Planetiles is developed and published by MythicOwl and will be released in 2024 on Steam. New demo v3.0 is getting improvements all around the place based on players feedback and here is a short list of new features and improvements:

  • Added Settings in the menu.
  • Added the Photomode with first person POV to explore the planet.
  • Improved presentation and visuals during cataclysms.
  • Improved technology screen UI and perks effects.
  • Updated missions and structures stats.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance optimisations.
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