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Necrosmith 2 Unleashes Hordes of Undead on Steam with Today’s Launch

The popular necromancer simulator unleashes a bigger and better standalone sequel today for only $7.99 USD with a limited-time 15% launch discount!

Necromancers, rejoice! Today’s Necrosmith 2 launch means it’s time to leverage the scattered remains of the deceased to assemble an undead army and unleash chaos across the lands! Aspiring Necromancers can obtain this standalone sequel to the popular necromancer sim on Steam today for only $7.99 USD and enjoy a 15% launch discount until April 9th. Don’t let the affordable price fool you; Alawar is known for offering quality games at lower costs, including the Beholder series and Wall World!

Necrosmith 2 | Launch Trailer

Like its predecessor, Necrosmith 2 expertly blends elements of strategy, auto-battle mechanics, tower defense, and roguelike gameplay into a single exciting game. The core gameplay involves defending the Necromancer Tower by assembling the body parts of various deceased fantasy creatures to battle hordes of enemies while exploring the uncharted, procedurally generated lands and islands of the unknown world. Upgrading the tower provides a variety of add-ons to give it a unique look and enhancements that will aid in enhancing the undead warriors. Retrieving Relics and purchasing upgrades, such as the trusty cat companion, will benefit future runs.

What sets this sequel apart is the addition of gigantic Titans, several islands to explore, flying undead, plenty of new biomes to traverse, and many quality-of-life updates for a bigger and better gameplay experience.

In Necrosmith 2, players take on the role of a skilled necromancer who’s trying to learn the secret of death by harnessing the power of the dead in an unknown realm. Navigate through treacherous environments, battle hordes of undead enemies, and uncover the secrets of the Necromancer’s ancient craft. Featuring a dynamic, mostly automated combat system, players will wield various necromantic abilities to summon minions, manipulate corpses, and unleash devastating spells upon their foes. As they progress, players will face increasingly challenging enemies, such as Titans, requiring strategic use of their own Titans and abilities to overcome them.

Key Features:

  • Undead with Superpowers – Assemble your undead from the body parts of various fantasy races, unlocking countless combinations of attacks and skills. Give them the ability to overcome obstacles, whether it be towering mountains, full-flowing rivers, or lakes of red-hot lava. Under the cover of darkness, your undead are stronger, so do your best to prepare for the dangers of the day.
  • Unique Necromancer Tower – Upgrade the tower with various add-ons and give it a unique look. Build necro labs for growing body parts and technomagic devices that will give you powerful spells and enhance your undead warriors.
  • Procedurally Generated World – Explore dozens of biomes in a procedurally generated world and view the conquered territories on the map. Use suitable body parts when creating the undead, so that they can handle the high mountains, squelchy swamps, and dense forests.
  • Attack of Titans – This time, you’ll have to face new monsters of gigantic size that can easily destroy your tower. But you also have the chance to create titans and fight back.

Necromancers can now unleash their undead legions on Steam for $7.99 USD, with a 15% launch discount until April 9th!

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