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New Demo for Escape the Mad Empire Available Now!

Paradox Arc, the publishing initiative from Paradox Interactive, and XperimentalZ Games today unveil the second demo for their rogue-like adventure, Escape the Mad Empire. Embark on a journey leading a band of heroes through treacherous dungeons, engaging in intricate tactical combat and resource management to fortify your base against apocalyptic odds. The demo debuts in connection to Steam’s Endless Replayability Fest, granting access from today.

Expanding upon the foundation laid by the initial demo, the second installment introduces a new game mode: Escape Run. Escape Run is an intense survival experience made of 3 dungeons and a challenge room, filled to the brim with 200+ items and 25+ enemies. Once completed, new difficulties are unlocked. In this demo, players will also be able to tailor their party composition and choose skills on level-up. Build a powerful party and tactically utilize the instant-action to beat your high score for each difficulty. Can you Escape the Mad Empire?

Escape The Mad Empire – Announcement Trailer | Paradox Arc
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