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New game revealed: Great God Grove! Suck up dialogue and befriend gods

Indie studio LimboLane, known for developing Smile For Me, has revealed its next project: Great God Grove, coming to PC in 2024.

About the Game

It’s the end of the world, and the best-est god has gone crazy! As the mail carrier in a world of humans, deities, and wackos, only you have the power of communication to save the day!

Every generation, the gods come together to postpone the apocalypse. But this time, it’s HEAVENLY CHAOS!! The once-beloved god of communication started a bunch of godly fights and then went awol. With King missing and the gods in disarray, who’s gonna shut the Great Rift in the sky and save the world from A-POCKY-LIPS???


  • Wield your TRUSTY MEGAPON! As the gods’ new mail-carrier, suck up lines of dialogue with your mail-cannon and launch them back to solve puzzles.
  • Meet 60 CHARACTERS! Listen to their woes and wonders, then deliver key messages to solve their problems – or just to see how they’ll react!
  • Discover BIZARRE GODS! The god of TEAMWORK? The god of LOVE SONGS? Jeez, who’s in charge around here…?
Great God Grove Reveal Trailer
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