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New Gameplay Teaser Video Available for INDUSTRIA 2

Developer Bleakmill Games and publisher Headup are releasing a new gameplay teaser trailer for INDUSTRIA 2. The video is part of the Steam “Games Baked in Germany” event and showcases over two minutes of gameplay from the upcoming sci-fi narrative FPS set in an alternate dimension. The game’s protagonist, Nora, becomes lost in a dangerous, unfamiliar world and ultimately must find her way back home to 1989 East Berlin while battling a sinister Artificial Intelligence.

The video briefly introduces the game’s impressive visuals and lighting, as well as its stealth and physics-focused gameplay.

Industria 2 | Gameplay Teaser

INDUSTRIA 2 is set for a 2025 release.

Features of INDUSTRIA 2 include:

  • Immersive gameplay: Physics-based interactions, along with crafting and a diegetic inventory, connect the gameplay and the game environments.
  • A hero’s journey: A narrative FPS at its core, featuring memorable characters and a touching story.
  • Unique setting: Industrial decay in a vast boreal landscape combined with otherworldly sprawling mechanical structures.
  • Upgradable weapons: Upgrade five weapons with attachments like silencers, extended magazines, or special attacks.
  • Robot “Body Horror”: Vivid machine oil spilling and body dismemberment lead to intense firefights.
  • Cinematic audio: Full voiceover, dynamic music, and detailed sound design present an exceptional audio experience
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