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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! It has finally happened – we are covering an Early Access title! Sparrow Night’s News Tower seems quite fitting for the opportunity, as we are proudly developing our own “newspaper” as well. News Tower will want you to become New York’s media mogul with its tycoon gameplay where you will build and manage your own newspaper joint. The game got released in Early Access on Steam on the 13th of February 2024, and it is being published by Twin Sails Interactive.


The developers, that are a small, four people studio, decided that Early Access is the way to go to improve the game with players’ feedback. The game currently offers the core gameplay loop, and they will add more content and game mechanics in the future. Sparrow Night plan to keep it in Early Access state for at least a year – the Early Access version will only contain content from years 1930 to 1932, while the full release will feature years from 1930 to 1939. As a matter of fact, the game already includes the three year campaign and more than a hundred objects to build and manage. There are also more than ten job types already available, and a news map with locations to send your reporters to find and gather for current news. There are quite a few news items to report on, and that is more than a thousand, while the progress unlocking systems are already up and running as well. News Tower will cost more at its full release, as the developers offer a discount for early adopters’ support. With the feedback that they will receive from gamers, they promise that will each update only bring improvements to the game.

In News Tower you are able to live a life of an influential publisher in New York City during the 1930s. You will follow key moments of that decade, but it will be up to you, if you decide to cover them or not. The more will your reporters cover a certain topic, the more experienced they will become. You will also be building and upgrading your news tower, allowing to have the best work environment for your employees, as well as meeting your Sunday deadlines. As you begin your journey, you will meet your remaining employees, and a pretty extensive tutorial on how to play the game as well. Soon you will produce your first article and send it to printing! Adding new floors to your tower has also never been easier, and the building process is very intuitive, too. You are also able to expand to neighbouring districts, but you can only play one district every week. You will soon start getting requests from The Mafia in exchange for their payments, and so on… And make sure you do not refuse their offers!

News Tower already has plenty of content to offer in its current Early Access stage, so make sure to grab it, if you are into running your own newspaper company. The game is pretty fun and not overly complicated, so you will be able to adapt into its gameplay quite quickly. It is a very promising title, and I cannot wait for the updates to start dropping!


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