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News Tower’s Steam Next Fest Demo Is Playable Now!

Catch the newest trailer and get the inside scoop on this exciting 1930s newspaper tycoon game, launching on Steam Early Access February 13.

Twin Sails Interactive and developer Sparrow Night are rolling out the early editions today: the free playable demo for News Tower, the upcoming news media tycoon management sim, is now available on Steam just ahead of next week’s Steam Next Fest. Get on-the-job training in the exciting career of running your own 1930s newspaper empire! You’ll get all the details on expanding your business, recruiting new employees, and tracking down the decade’s juiciest stories for the front page, just in time for News Tower’s official Steam Early Access debut on Feb. 13, 2024.

As the publisher of a down-on-its-luck newspaper, your goal is to turn fortune around and build a booming media empire! Recruit and manage every profession necessary for success, including reporters, photographers, janitors, ad salespeople and lawyers. Uncover exciting news across the globe, matching your editorial line with readers’ interests – but watch out for powerful factions like the mayor and the mafia trying to peddle influence. Build and optimize your tower to ensure the well-being of your employees and meet your printing deadlines, all while balancing editorial quality and gaining new customers!

News Tower’s demo will be available throughout Steam Next Fest, which ends February 12, followed by the game’s official release into Steam Early Access on February 13.

News Tower | The Wolf of Brooklyn Trailer
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