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Noreya: The Gold Project

Dreamirl are the developers of this frenetic metroidvania game that represents a fight between two divinities. It was first released as an Early Access title on the 7th of November 2023, and got its full release on the 21st of June 2024 on Steam, where it was published by PixelHeart.


Noreya: The Gold Project is a 2D pixel-art metroidvania game set in a dark fantasy universe. It offers players a choice between an allegiance to The Gods of Light and Shadow, or The Gods of Corruption and Gold. The decisions you will make will affect your progression by changing the available paths and abilities. Just mentioned duality encourages players to explore both paths, so you will have plenty of gameplay before you, should you decide doing that. Noreya: The Gold Project can be played on three difficulties – Easy, Normal, and Hard. Easy mode is perfect for discovering the metroidvania genre, while Hard mode is designed for experienced metroidvania players who want to challenge themselves. It is quite brutal, since there are no heart drops available, you cannot restart from the beginning of a level after a Game Over, and bosses have increased health and attack speed. I recommend starting playing on Easy difficulty, which is already challenging enough, and if you finish the game, then go and experiment with higher difficulties. But let me warn you – it will be very difficult.

Noreya: The Gold Project features a very well designed and detailed pixel art, which gracefully displays two unique worlds that will evolve according to your chosen allegiance – The Path of Gold or The Path of Light. You will unlock a skill tree at the very beginning of the game, and that skill tree features more than fifty abilities you can unlock for your character. The game also include more than twenty-five unique monsters you will need to defeat, as well as twelve bosses that you are able to fight in any order you like. As far as controls go, they are very responsive, and platforming through the levels is very likeable as well. Noreya: The Gold Project is a fast game with pixel-perfect combat, for which you will need plenty of practice before mastering it. There also exists more than one possible ending in this non-linear game that you can explore in order that you please.

Noreya: The Gold Project is in a nutshell an enjoyable metroidvania game with decent progression and a high enough difficulty. I already commended its art style, but the soundtrack is good as well, which makes it a rather nice combination. I recommend getting the game, if you are a metroidvania freak, and do not mind sinking plenty of hours in it.


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