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Noxia Somnia Out Today on Steam

Independent development studio Reframe Games has announced that their action horror exploration game, Noxia Somnia, will be available on Steam today.

Noxia Somnia is a 2D survival horror experience mixed with intense combat. You must run from your fears until you grapple with the underlying problems and gain the power to fight back.

The game delves into mental health struggles, challenging players to confront fears in twisted nightmares. You balance exposure to monsters with keeping your stress and fear in check by using your light and avoiding detection. Engage with fast-paced combat, hide from terrifying stalker enemies, and explore corrupted memories reflecting nightmarish manifestations.

Noxia Somnia offers a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and overcoming paralyzing dread. Customize your character’s abilities, face challenging enemies, and uncover the compelling story about dealing with anxiety, expectations, and grief in this reflective game.


  • Written in collaboration with psychotherapists and counsellors.
  • Non-Metroidvania exploration and progression.
  • Uncover the truth of the realm of the harvesters.
  • Use souls to tailor the game to your playstyle.
  • Collect chance items from enemies to get summons, cosmetics, and upgrades.
  • Break through the barrier of anxiety with counsellor-sourced material.
  • Nightmarish representations of real-world fears in fast-paced combat.
  • Fight back against the horrors of the struggle of life.
Noxia Somnia – Launch Trailer
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