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Oil Strike ‘75 resurfaced for re-release on PC

Still dreaming of classic educational games from times gone by? Here’s one that wakes up your nostalgia glands! Oil Strike ’75, a favourite home computer title from the early days of gaming, has been unearthed and given a clean-up for modern PCs. Talk about a deep cut!

Lovingly resurfaced and remastered by the team at ERROR: COMPANY NAME NOT FOUND, Oil Strike ’75 is everything you remember it to be – and so much more! Produced by energy giant Cadal, the game will teach you that there’s nothing to be scared of when it comes to drilling deep into the Earth’s crust to extract the life-giving ooze we call oil.

Play three exciting and challenging mini-games as you fund the drilling operation and dig deeper into the earth. Climb a fictitiously flimsy oil derrick as Derrickman! Transport crucial supplies while dodging disaster in Heli Run! Scan the ocean floor for rich veins of oil in Seismic Survey!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of restoring older games, players may encounter some strange graphical glitches during regular play. If you encounter any issues, please simply reset your game, or contact the bug hotline on 0325 75.

About Oil Strike ’75

The classic edutainment game, reborn! Fund your own drilling operation by completing a series of fun and informative minigames, with platforming, seabed scanning, and helicopter transportation providing fun for the whole family! Just don’t adjust the emulator!

  • Relive the joy of the home computer era of gaming!
  • Try three different minigames, each with five levels and two difficulty modes!
  • Reset the game when if you experience any issues!
  • Contact the bug helpline at 0325 75 if you need further assistance!

Oil Strike ’75 is now available as a free download on PC via Steam.

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