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Outrun the Law in Heading Out’s New Gameplay Overview Trailer

Strap in for a narrative-driven thrill ride inspired by cult-classic American road films, launching May 7 on PC.

Get ready to drive. Saber Interactive and indie developer Serious Sim have released a new gameplay overview trailer for Heading Out, the highly stylized, cinematic, narrative-adventure driving game launching May 7 on PC via Steam. Inspired by cult-classic road flicks like Thelma & Louise and Vanishing Point, Heading Out puts players on an exhilarating trip of discovery down America’s winding highways. Grab the wheel, keep the law in your rearview, and find out what fate has in store at the end of the line.

Heading Out – Gameplay Overview Trailer

It’s you, your car, and the highway. As a fugitive on the run from the law, you’ll chase down thrills across the country, racing other drivers, helping or hurting strangers, and watching your legend rise. Keep your vehicle in good condition and stay focused, but watch out for the cash in your wallet – America ain’t cheap. You may not know what lies on the road ahead, but you’ve got to be first no matter what. It’s not about the destination – it’s about your journey.

Key Features

  • Your Adventure: Each trip offers a unique balance of high-speed chases and races, treacherous hazards and challenges, and colorful characters and stories, brought to life with stylish graphic-novel visuals. Outrun your fears and the law, pursue your dreams, and risk the consequences at the end of the road.
  • Your Choices: Every journey is yours to define. Strategically plan out your route and resources in advance on the map, or hit the gas and fly by the seat of your pants. Each decision shapes the road ahead, including your narrative encounters, fuel consumption, car condition and wanted level.
  • Your Legend: Your unique story unfolds with every pit stop across the heartland. Meet strangers, oddballs and lost souls who will influence your tale, but don’t linger too long – you’ve got to keep moving. Listen to radio hosts spread your myth to the people as it grows while an eclectic Americana soundtrack speeds you down the horizon.

Heading Out is available to wishlist now on Steam.

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