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Pack your bags and enjoy the coziest vacation you’ve ever had at Hamster Inn, the newest game from HyperBeard

Calling all hamster lovers and cozy gamers to celebrate the grand opening of Hamster Inn! The new free mobile game for iOS and Android published by HyperBeard Games and developed by Mum Not Proud and Little Sasquatch Studios, is available now. Get ready to manage a hotel where you can pamper, feed, and entertain all kinds of furry guests.

Help Hamsterin, the hotel manager, promote its tiny hotel. Use cute maracas to attract new guests into the inn, assign them a room, complete their food service orders, collect sunflower seeds (the Hamster Inn currency), and clean the rooms after their check-out. Oh, and don’t forget – the better your service, the bigger tips you will receive!

Use your sunflower seeds to buy various decorations to upgrade and design your inn, from beds made of cake to running wheels that look like rainbows. As your hotel grows, you’ll be able to open new areas like the Broken Cup Cafe and the Fishing Pond, so make sure to grow your team as well. Hire skilled hamster staffers to assure your customers’ comfort.

Get prepared to welcome more than 45 different adorable guests, from a tiny crocodile to an adorable gummy bear, everyone is welcome here! Pay attention, because you’ll never know when a furry celebrity arrives at your inn. Put on your best face! You never know when it will appear on a guest’s social media feed.

Last but not least, keep your eyes open, because the developers couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add their pets into the game. Be sure to check out Nico, the ragdoll cat, who is the oldest companion of the Art Director, or Toby, the sausage dog, adopted in a very precarious health situation by the Game Designer, and now enjoys cuddling and taking morning walks. Each guest has a story to tell!

So, what are you waiting for? Shake those maracas and prepare yourself to unveil the wonders of Hamster Inn.

Hamster Inn Trailer
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