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PalmRide: After Flight – Coming to Steam

PalmRide: After Flight is a game which started because of a dev playing with Raylib and EnTT. Now, it’s coming to Steam! The game is the spiritual successor of PalmRide.

PalmRide: After Flight – Early Trailer

PalmRide: After Flight is an on-rails shooter inspired by retro games featuring Outrun/Synthwave aesthetics. You must shoot your way through an endless world full of enemies, obstacles and nonetheless bosses!

Implemented Features

  • Endless procedural terrain with curves.
  • 5 Unique biomes.
  • Events system for world generation.
  • Thrust & Shield.
  • Shooting mechanics.
  • Retro rendering.

Planned Features

  • Boss fights.
  • An Audiosurf-like game mode.
  • Online ranking system.
  • Split screen multiplayer.
  • Vibrant and alive environments.
  • Spaceship selection.
  • Pick-ups.
  • MORE.
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