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Party Racing Game Ultimate Godspeed Reveals its Launch Date

Place items on the track and bring chaos to the race on May 27th.

Ninoko announced that Ultimate Godspeed is set to launch on Steam on May 27th ($12.99) for PC and macOS. This party racing game is all about modifying the racetrack. Place unique items on the level and bring chaos to the race! Use different objects like ramps, platforms, holes or mischievous traps. Freeze other players with the ice patch, kill them with deadly rotating saw blades, or obscure their sight with oily surfaces.

Ultimate Godspeed is set in a universe ruled by different tribes of gods: There are gods that command the winds, nature, technology, or even death. The player controls one of the divine champions, chosen for the Kagashi Festival. A racing event in honour of the gods.

The players race from point A to point B while collecting points. Each round starts with the players choosing from an assortment of randomly generated items. The chosen items are then placed all over the level by the players.

Items in Ultimate Godspeed are objects like ramps, platforms, holes or traps like an ice patch where you lose control, deadly rotating saw blades or oily surfaces which can obscure the player’s sight. These items allow for different playstyles like building shortcuts, blockades or chaotic death traps.

After placing the items, the players race. They can drift, boost or jump across the level, while evading traps and using shortcuts.

A round ends when all players reached the goal. They are then rewarded with points for rank, speed and traps. They can even lose points.

This process then repeats, while items from previous rounds remain, which leads to fascinating new ways to traverse the level or just utter chaos.

The goal is pretty simple: The player with the most points wins.

Ultimate Godspeed | Steam Release Date Announcement
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