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Phantom Abyss

Developers Team WIBY and publishers Devolver Digital have joined forces to release an action roguelike platformer Phantom Abyss, which was available in its Early Access state from the 22nd of June 2021. It got its full release on Steam on the 25th of January 2024, and is a massive multiplayer game that pits players into unforgiving temples.


Phantom Abyss is an asynchronous multiplayer game that puts you into procedurally-generated temples, from which you will need to retrieve relics. Those temples are full of traps, chasms and various guardians that will want you dead. Dead, dead, and dead. You will only get one attempt at the given temple, and you will never see it again. The interesting thing here is, that you are able to see other players’ failed runs and they are called phantoms. You will be exploring every temple with them by your side, so you will be able to avoid the mistakes that they have made. Kind of. There will be up to twenty phantoms present in each run, including your Steam friends. Players are also able to share Temple Codes of their failed runs, that allow friends to attempt the same temple. Or even their Adventure Code, which gives a complete playlist of the temples a player has gone through.

The game starts with an extensive tutorial in which you will be running, dashing and rolling. After finishing the movement basics, you will receive a whip that will enable you to grapple items and ledges. At Power Shrines you will be able to buy Blessings that will enable different feats like, for example, being immune from falling or double jumping. You will buy your blessings with coins that you will be gathering from vases and chests as you will move through floors. Large chests will also include Temple keys, that will allow you to enter different temples. There are also Relics in the abyss, so you will be claiming those as well. At the main Hub and beginnings of temples there is also an Upgrade Pool present, where you are able to upgrade your health, whip speed and length, dash distance and cool down, etcetera. Placed through temples will also be different guardians, that you will need to successfully avoid while continuing you path through them. As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, there will be other players’ phantoms present that will help you escaping the temples without being captured aka die. There will be a lot of dying involved, so come prepared.

Phantom Abyss has an interesting concept with its asynchronous multiplayer and is a hectic game, that can be played both by casual players and also speed-running experts that will fly through the temples like there is no tomorrow. I am not sure how many players will be attracted by its first-person 3D platforming, but you can easily wait for it to be on sale and buy it at a lower price.


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