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Phren Games are breathing life into the remote control cars racing genre, with RC Revolution coming to Steam on February 15!

Phren Games are preparing to immerse gamers into the world of small remote control cars, by releasing RC Revolution on Steam on February 15.

RC Revolution is a testament to the passion and creativity of the developers team, who grew up playing and loving iconic RC cars racing games, such as Re-Volt, Mario Kart and Forza. The game represents the most crucial elements of the genre, featuring RC cars’ extensive customization and track constructor with endless design possibilities. The combination of various weapons and boosters adds an extra layer of excitement, and together with different game-modes – delivers pure fun!

Visuals and highly detailed environments will transport everyone into a world where RC cars rule the tracks, by fully immersing in different locations, from bustling city streets to serene countryside landscapes. Phren Games paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every one of the tracks tells a unique story.

RC Revolution | Official Announcement Trailer

Main Features

  • Selection of 28 unique tracks in 7 different locations, including Suburb, Beach, Japanese city, Miniature park with world attractions, and more.
  • The game has 6 Car Builder Platforms: Buggy, Truggy, Drift, Monster, Crawler and Novelty, each optimized for specific terrains and race types. Each platform has many different cars, together making 21 unique RC cars.
  • Extensive car customization, with 100+ different cosmetics and tuning options, allowing players to personalize their RC cars to suit their preferences and playstyle.
  • Enhanced replayability through an innovative track builder, enabling players to create their own custom tracks on the base of 7 different locations, and sharing them in the Community Hub. Best tracks created by players may be added to the game!
  • Earning Respect Points – they can be obtained through various activities within the different game-modes. Respect Points are used for cosmetic items (paints, stickers, lights).
  • In addition to a simple racing mode and a career with tournaments tied to it, there are various game-modes: Points of Interest mode, game arenas with Drift competition mode and Stunt mode.
  • Boosters game-mode, where players can intelligently use various weapons and boosters to interact with other players to gain an advantage in the race.
  • Music customization feature, where players have the freedom to curate a unique musical experience for themselves. Phren Games has meticulously selected an extensive range of tracks, ensuring there is something for every type of player. Players will customize and shape their own musical journey within the game!
  • Multiplayer mode accommodates up to 8 players, fostering competitive and social gaming experiences, with leaderboards and various tournaments, allowing players to earn special in-game currency – Coins, to spend on new RC cars and spare parts.
  • Engaging single-player mode with the split-screen option, enabling friends and family to compete against each other on the same screen.
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