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Plastomorphosis is a retro horror game that was developed by a Ukrainian solo developer named Oleh, that is creating under the name VidyGames. The game was self-published on Steam and has been released on the 24th of January 2024.


Plastomorphosis was made with the Unity engine, and you can set the movement type from “tank”, to “modern” in the options menu. You can also choose a male or female character, which are named Citizen M and Citizen F, respectively. I went with modern movement type, and also turned on hints about the location of key items on the map, because no-one has enough time to be stuck in a game. You cannot change the key bindings, though, but you can play the game by using a gamepad. You begin the game in an underground metro station that is filled with mannequins. Quite eerie… There are QR codes scattered all around the place, and reading them gives you hints and context throughout the game. The camera angles are definitely something I could not get used to, otherwise the movement is okay, except a bit slow, even when you are running. Game’s atmosphere is pretty creepy, as it should be in a horror game, so kudos to the developer for that.

Besides a cool atmosphere, Plastomorphosis also features puzzles to keep you engaged during your exploration. Its story, however, is not too well scripted and it does not have a great impact on the game. As far as graphics go, the developer went with early 2000s graphics style, and it fits pretty good in this kind of game, which is heavily inspired by retro horror titles from twenty-ish years ago. The game itself is not too difficult to get through, but there are some nonsense things in it, when it comes to gameplay.

Plastomorphosis is a blast from the past, with its countless references and inspiration taken from retro horror games. I can (maybe) recommend it to fans of those titles, as it will not cost you too much to experience it, plus you will support a promising game developer. It definitely is not a game for a broader audience, but some of you might enjoy it.


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