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PONOS Corporation Releases New Nintendo Switch Title “The Battle Cats Unite!”

PONOS Corporation, developer of the mobile game The Battle Cats, downloaded 93 million times and beloved the world over, has released a new title The Battle Cats Unite! for Nintendo Switch on July 2nd, 2024, This exciting new chapter in The Battle Cats saga is available for download now from the Nintendo eShop, with Switch-exclusive features and game content!

What is The Battle Cats Unite!?

The hit smartphone game The Battle Cats has been retooled for Nintendo Switch! Cooperative play allows for world conquest with a friend as your Cat Army takes on enemies in exciting battles! (The game can be played with either one player or two players with one copy of the game.)

Hundreds of stages to conquer with hundreds of Cats!

Main stages include three sets of stages: Empire of Cats, Into the Future, and Cats of the Cosmos. Also enjoy special challenging Legend Stages and daily stages! Earn over 350 Cats to create your very own Cat Army! (All units can be collected in-game with no additional purchase required.)

Take on challenging foes with a friend in fun, frenzied battles!

With two players, each person has control of five different units. Combine forces to fire the Boosted Cat Cannon and, with good timing, turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Cat Army vs. Cat Army! Thrilling Battles New to The Battle Cats!

Battle friends with the Cats that you’ve raised in VS Mode! Distribute Traits to your opponent and use the best Cats in your army to claim victory! Learn each Cat’s special abilities and Traits to win the fight!

Take a break from co-op Cat clashes with a range of mini-games!

Progress in-game for a chance to play one of four different mini-games! Earn a high score to get special in-game items and Rare Tickets!

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