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POOLS Launching on Steam in April

Independent development studio Tensori will be releasing POOLS, an experimental exploration game, on Steam at the end of April 2024.

POOLS is an adventure game that provides an experience reminiscent of an art gallery, focusing on exploration and ambient sounds, while inducing a sense of isolation and tension through minimalistic gameplay and the absence of traditional threats like monsters.

The absence of a user interface, dialogue, and background music in the game is compensated by immersive sound design that adapts to the environment, enhancing realism and tension; for instance, walking in water slows movement, contributing to a heightened sense of presence and atmosphere.

In POOLS, traditional story elements, characters, and in-game notes are absent, yet as players progress, they’ll observe the dynamic transformation of the game world, encountering diverse rooms and distinct mysteries in each chapter, fostering a continuous sense of exploration and intrigue.

Currently, the game consists of six distinctive chapters, with gameplay ranging from 10 to 30 minutes per chapter.


  • Immersive art gallery-like experience with emphasis on observation and sound.
  • Maze-like environments challenge navigation skills.
  • The absence of traditional game elements creates an oppressive atmosphere.
  • Sound design enhances immersion without background music or dialogue.
  • Evolving game world across six unique chapters with distinct mysteries.
  • Chapters offer playtime of 10 to 30 minutes each.
POOLS – Gameplay Trailer
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