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Post-Apocalyptic Survival City Builder Endzone 2 Showcases Dire World In First-Ever Gameplay Trailer

Get a new look at the treacherous badlands of Endzone 2 as it gears up for its Q3 launch.

Assemble Entertainment and Gentlymad Studios have revealed the first gameplay trailer for post-apocalyptic city builder Endzone 2, ahead of its Early Access launch on Steam in Summer 2024. As shown during The Triple-i Initiative event, the brand-new Endzone 2 trailer offers a look at the dilapidated world, including footage of the game’s intricate building mechanics, which allow players to construct settlements to survive harsh conditions. The all-new gameplay trailer can be seen below.

Endzone 2 – Gameplay Trailer

In Endzone 2, you’ll need to expand your settlements while embarking on missions to collect resources for survival. But the world around you is filled with many dangers, so you’ll need to make smart choices to make it out alive. Explore the treacherous badlands to discover loot as you develop and expand your settlements amidst the chaos.

Endzone 2 is a post-apocalyptic survival colony builder in which players embark to secure humanity’s survival after a cataclysmic disaster. Discover and repopulate the last habitable grounds, while the survival of your people hinges on your wits, foresight, and resilience in a harsh and unforgiving world.


  • Survive amidst a relentless and ever-changing environment in a world of constant threat.
  • It’s your turn to freely choose your starting point by taking direct control of your settlement bus.
  • Venture into the treacherous badlands, a terrain riddled with ancient ruins, hidden loot, and daring missions.
  • Explore habitable zones full of unique resources and daunting challenges, giving rise to multiple settlements under your command.
  • Build, develop, and expand your settlements, forging a remarkable landmark with many buildings and upgrades.
  • Secure your economic progress by researching new buildings, technologies, refined resources, and maintain optimized production lines.
  • Master your trade skills as you establish and manage trade routes between your zones and traders that are essential for your survival.

Endzone 2 will launch into Early Access on PC via Steam this summer. Players eager for its release can wishlist the game on Steam.

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