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Potty Knight Saga Out Now on Steam

Independent games development studio PLAY Mephistowaltz announces that Potty Knight Saga, a platformer action game, is now available on Steam in Early Access.

Potty Knight Saga is characterized by its difficult-level design, offering players a simple yet engaging experience with the promise of honor and recognition upon successful completion, despite the formidable journey filled with hazards and constant danger.

Potty Knight Saga features diverse enemies and traps, providing an exhilarating experience that is enhanced by its rich atmosphere with unique scenes, ultimately demanding strategic thinking to overcome its challenges.

The full version of the game will feature new content and balance adjustments as necessary. This will involve the introduction of new monsters, enhancements to level design, and the creation of new dungeons to enrich the exploration experience.


  • A hazardous journey with challenging conditions and constant danger.
  • A very difficult level design.
  • Simple and easy gameplay with a focus on fun.
  • Recognition for success in overcoming challenges.
  • An emphasis on Korean gamers’ talent and worldwide recognition.
  • An exhilarating experience that may provoke genuine excitement and screams.
  • A rich atmosphere with unique and charming scenes.
  • Difficult to master, requiring strategic thinking to overcome challenges.
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