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Precious speedrunning platformer Telmari scurries onto PC, Linux, and Mac today!

Let plunger arrows fly true as you hop, skip, and bounce your way to the demon tree alongside a cute cat companion.

Developer Phoenix Blasters are proud to announce that their debut title, Telmari, is launching today for PC, Mac and Linux.

A lovingly realized platformer with a speedrunning twist, Telmari brings to life a charming fantasy world. Players assume the role of Telmari, a young girl who wakes one day to find her beloved sunflowers are in trouble and a Demon Tree at the root of the problem. With the help of an aloof talking cat and trusty toilet plunger arrows, traverse over 100 levels in the world of Agra to help save Telmari’s sunflowers.

Telmari: Out Now

Telmari is equipped with only one set of equipment – toilet plunger arrows, and a bow to fire them. Use them to launch her small self up and over crazed goats, enraged birds, ​ gnarly brambles, and any other obstacles that might stand in her way.

When the going gets tough, Telmari’s feline guardian comes into play, running ahead at the start of each level, showing the most elegant and speedy way to get to the end. Extra points if you can beat them at their own game!

  • Shoot and subsequently bounce all the way to the Demon Tree.
  • Explore the beautiful, handcrafted world of Agra through over 100 levels.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master.
  • Steam Deck compatible.
  • Check how your game times match up on the global and local leaderboards!
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